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UV Glow Orange Tiger - #2 Laker Tamer - Hyper Vis

UV Glow Orange Tiger - #2 Laker Tamer - Hyper Vis

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#2 Laker Tamer - Lake Trout Lure

The Ultimate Lake Trout Tackle

Salmon Elixir’s Laker Tamer’s allow you troll at slower speeds. Laker Tamer’s come fully assembled and ready to fish straight out of the package. Trim the 56” leader to your desired length, tie a loop at the end of the line and your set to go. Laker Tamer’s create an excellent vibration and action which triggers the big ones to strike. Troll the Laker Tamer in deep water during the warmer months or in the shallows. Laker Tamer’s also work great for salmon and other trout species.

  • Excellent action at slow speeds
  • Ready to fish out of the package
  • Attention grabbing vibration & action
  • UV colors work excellent in deep water
  • Package Quanity: 1
  • Made in the USA

Salmon Elixir's #2 Laker Tamer's are built using a #2 Worden's Spin-N-Glo®, 1/0 VMC treble hook, 56" of #50 Ande Fluorcarbon line & Hyper Vis lure tape collar on the teaser.